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For those who don't get this, Stacy's like Poland from the anime Hetalia. He always say "Like" in his sentences... I decided to let her cosplay as him, they look a like you know :)

bakery_full_of_cakes 6 years ago.

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Katherine being Katherine.

Hoheh 6 years ago.

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She looks possessed.
Where are her pupils?

Hamshi 6 years ago.

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Hamshi, her eyes are closed.

Sparkfur 6 years ago.

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I see it now.

Hamshi 6 years ago.

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So once again,
More Katherine.
Dislike that cow.
So sue me for
Saying the truth.
I don't like her,
She hurt Daisy
She's a "Libby."
Those are crazy,
Annoying youth.
But as it were
I say no more.

Using the previous comment, iambic dimeter with a random rhyme scheme. ABBACDEFGFDEC

Hoheh 5 years ago.

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Didn't scheme-rhyme Libby. It;s a trope. The Libby.

Hoheh 5 years ago.