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Candybooru image #5067, tagged with Lucy Paulo Turbocharge_(Artist)


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The first page of storyboards for the fifteen second BCB animation I'm working on. I know the drawings aren't very good, but remember that these are just quick sketches, since these are just the storyboards.

Turbocharge 7 years ago.

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looks good so far!

RachelVang 7 years ago.

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how are you going to aniamte it from this?


Lisa 7 years ago.

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My storyboards aren't EVEN that detailed :P

Knux-the-Killer 7 years ago.

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@LisaCat89 I take a higher quality image of the pages of storyboards and crop out each individual frame. Then I place those frames in Flash with the timing I want them to appear in the finished animation (I'm not animating it in Flash; this animation is going to be totally hand-drawn. I'm just using Flash to organize the scanned drawings.) This video is called a "leica reel", and it helps me get down the timing and feel of the animation and to allows see it as it develops. From there, I draw more detailed versions of these frames, along with new ones, that make up the key poses of the characters. These are called "keyframes". I replace the storyboards in the leica reel with these keyframes. Then I add the frames that go in-between these poses; these are called "in-between frames". I add these into the leica reel as well as they are finished. This then gives me a series of rough animations called "pencil tests". I then ink and color all of the frames, scan them back in, and add audio, and viola! The animation is complete. This is the professional process for creating animations, and it's the first animation I've ever used it on. Sorry that was so wordy, but YOU ASKED SO OH WELL. X3

Turbocharge 7 years ago.