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Candybooru image #5593, tagged with Abbey Laufente_(Artist) Lucy


Comment ID #45486

Dem happy faces.
Dunno why they'd even hang out like that LOL.
But I just wanted to draw them being happy because they haven't been in the comic lately.

Laufente 10 years ago.

Comment ID #45491

did you use "it" for this picture :D
I love the fact you have Abbeys tailstripe |3

Lisa 10 years ago.

Comment ID #45494

The happiest faces on the most miserable characters right now.

ThatGuy 10 years ago.

Comment ID #45495

This picture is weird, but only because abbey and Lucy are weird together, the way they act w/ each other is strange

Tabris 10 years ago.

Comment ID #45506

Awesome image! Those poor two deserve a rest especially Abbey. Still I agree with you Tabris because we don't see Abbey and Lucy together that often and it's kind of wierd :/. But nontheless lovely image 8-).

fredfunny 10 years ago.

Comment ID #45576

you know Abbey and lucy should hang out somtime as friends

Catears 10 years ago.

Comment ID #52353

Cute :-* #^_^#

rawr2cat 9 years ago.

Comment ID #52428

Be happy! Why? Thare dating now.

bluefox 9 years ago.