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Candybooru image #5596, tagged with Mike MikexSandy Stofu_(Artist)


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I cannot draw iphones. Derp.

Stofu 6 years ago.

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The way the nose and mouth connect, he looks almost like he has a troll smile on. Everything, else, however, I think was spot on.

CynicaIdealist 6 years ago.

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100 year old Mike.

A very nice image ad i like this kind of style. But all the lines on his face make him look so old. (the joke is: even as an old man, he still hasn't met sandy and only knows her through the phone!)

Migrant 6 years ago.

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Welp. I guess I need to learn how to draw people (cat PEOPLE) with more implications and less lines. Heh. But thank you for the crits~!

Stofu 6 years ago.