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Candybooru image #5704, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme Lucy Mike MikexLucy Paulo Virtual_(Artist) genderbended


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interesting that you hate mike but you still want him with lucy so much............ kind of undestrand you haha :)

Cata83 6 years ago.

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How can you hate mike in #9. Standing up to a bully is an admirable thing to do.

Murderer 6 years ago.

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Virtual's got guts for telling Mike to his face what he thinks about him.

And, well, Murderer, good sir, standing up to a bully is one thing, and admirable, indeed. Telling them you'll ruin their lives by taking away all their friends, however, when they're vulnerable and socially retarded, makes you a bigger douche than the bully. Mike bottled up everything through many years and threw it in Lucy's face all at once, his message basically being "You've bugged me all life. Now I'm gonna destroy yours. Oh, and by the way, you will never get new friends, because you're horrible." Ain't he a cutie.

Lechy 6 years ago.

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@Lechy thank you! #^.^# and i hope you noticed i edited all the corner icons

Virtual 6 years ago.

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Pretty interesting meme.

@Lechy: Thank you. It bugs me when I see Mike supporters/Lucy haters using what Murderer said and not know what he also did in the situtation as well.

And @Murderer, I can understand why you would hate Lucy, but don't be bashing on people for having a reason (and somewhat good reason at that) to not like (or hate) Mike in current times.

MittieJane 6 years ago.

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this comic is PERFECT

jacob 6 years ago.

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Kittyi31 6 years ago.