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Candybooru image #5768, tagged with Augustus TopHatCheshireCat_(Artist)


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asdfgghll..!! Sorry for this one folks, I've had a prom night dressed Augustus in mind for weeks and I just haven't been able to draw him the way I've liked! Furious Abbey So I just uploaded this one in frustration lol XP And my coloring skills are terrible,I'll upload a better one once I can make it~

TopHatCheshireCat 6 years ago.

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i think its resally good! dont be sorry :)

Cata83 6 years ago.

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Haha, Looking back on my post about this, it came off as way too aggressive. I guess I was a bit too fixated on minor details ^^; I'm actually happy looking at the picture again. :3

TopHatCheshireCat 6 years ago.