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Candybooru image #5790, tagged with Lucy TopHatCheshireCat_(Artist) parody sketch


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Oh dear, I was reliving some pleasant nostalgia while watching The Emperor's New Groove and I was struck by a silly idea. I mean I could totally see Lucy as Kuzco, David as Krunk, Sue as Yzma (Not out of any dislike I promise! xD), Mike as Pacha, Augustus as Bucky the Squirrel, etc... I know it's ridiculous, haha, sorry about that~ :D

TopHatCheshireCat 6 years ago.

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Heh XD

Laufente 6 years ago.

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This is awsome I havent seen that film in ages lol Augustus as Bucky I love Bucky squeek squeek squeeker squeeky!! Lol Good pic

Kitkatlovespaulo 6 years ago.