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Candybooru image #6133, tagged with Geist_(Artist) Sandy sketch


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Hopefully this one will be considered more accurate. :P

Geist 7 years ago.

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Looks like Sandy to me, and not Jasmine.

Blue_Sly 7 years ago.

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If this is the sketch, I wonder how will be the final.

Mil_Faces 7 years ago.

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@Mil_Faces This is probably going to be final unless I somehow manage to improve it, which is not a given thing.
This picture might be deceptive, but I'm not a good artist. I suck at copying, for example, even my own creations and I have troubles starting every time I do draw something. It always hinges on the start, if I manage to not screw up proportions up and all that then I'm usually able to work with it if not then I usually end up scrapping it altogether. I do have my own distinct sets of styles, though. This being pretty close to my past abilities, which surprised me quite a lot since this picture is the third thing I made after not touching anything art wise for about 5 years <<.

Geist 7 years ago.

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(that Amaya menstruation doodle being the first and the previous version I tagged for deletion the second. I pretty much only started drawing something for BCB :unsure: )

Geist 7 years ago.