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i made this becauz i would like to know what you think i can improve on

velrose 9 years ago.

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Leo-Inu 9 years ago.

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Nice meme. :)

Anialator 9 years ago.

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What Leo-Inu said.

on a side note, I wish people wouldn't just randomly do the art meme when joining if they're not artists. There've been a few of these lately. You know, if you're a beginning artist, take it easy first, do some standard fan art then build yourself up. don't just do the art meme for doing it, if you have no intention of putting in the effort to become good.

but hey, that's just me talking...

Migrant 9 years ago.

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thank you for telling the truth and can you maybe just tell me some pacifistic's like the eyes, arms, feet, etc.

velrose 9 years ago.

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Wow, just how old are you?

Radial 9 years ago.

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i don't suck ;_;

you're mean

SpaceMouse 9 years ago.

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Radial i'm about 9 years old but i know a lot of bad stuff for my age, and SpaceMouse what are you talking about i'm kinda confused

velrose 9 years ago.

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9 years old and using a mouse on this meme, yeah that adds up pretty well.

And as for "specifics" for the eyes, arms, feet, etc.

Eyes- Hmm, they look like typical anime eyes which isn't necessarily baaad, but you should take a bit to look up other styles for eyes. Simple research and junk. As for me I start with the pupils of the eyes and add the detail around it.

Arms&Legs- I'm gonna just list these both under the fact they are nubs. I'll go out on a limb and bet you have a hard time drawing hands. That's okay lots of people do, I know I do. basically you start with the palm and attach the fingers. Look at your hand, study it. Draw the palm without the fingers, then add the finger by segments, line by line, sketch it first then clean it up. Same thing for the legs. Just draw a sort of triangular shape for feet. You can find ways to do it all around the net if you search it.

The heads aren't so bad actually! Seems you've got the basic egg shape idea down for normal anime drawing, just try to keep in mind adjusting the jawlines for different characters, boys have a flatter chin most of the time and girls are more pointed.

Last thing, keep all the body parts in proportion to one another. We don't really agree that things like big heads on little bodies is an "art style" more like lazy attention to anatomy. So make sure the arms and legs match each other (unless you have a reason not to, example: animals or handicapped people.)

Hope all this helps! And if you're sure you want to keep drawing digitally use something other than MS Paint! Look for Paint Tool Sai or another program!

ThatGuy 9 years ago.

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Make sure to check your spelling before you submit something, it never hurts to do so and prevents anyone from ripping on you for spelling errors! 8-D

ThatGuy 9 years ago.

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This is good for a nine year old like you awesome meme! 8-D

Shannon 9 years ago.

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thank you some much for the advice and i suck at spelling XD i will practice what you told me too! and thank you for positive comments i wont post again till i can at least draw a hand and feet partly good XD

velrose 9 years ago.

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I suck at drawing with a mouse. So, respect :D

eatbamboo 9 years ago.

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Kudos for not reacting negatively on my comment. :) A lot of people would've taken offence. yeah, I don't draw much myself, so I wouldn't be good at giving advice, but there's a LOT of material for free in google on how to improve your drawing. The only thing I'll say is that improvement takes time and you won't be making awesome stuff overnight. Just keep persevering and bit by bit you'll get better. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Migrant 9 years ago.

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thanks ^-^ you guys are helping me a lot already i cant wait to post my next pic (once its presentable XD)

velrose 9 years ago.

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>Treat Mike in an emotionally healthy manner

Xu-kitty 9 years ago.

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that's good work by an 9y old,and with a mouse?? i know how hard it is to do that, and actually my first DA drawing was with a mouse on ms paint. so propz to you:D

zazick12 9 years ago.

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For a nine year old, I'm surprised she didnt take offence to know like a number of recent uploaders here recently...says a lot

Leo-Inu 9 years ago.

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Thank you, well i have seen alot in my life so far :D and i really like to draw to get my mind off of the things ,and well you know the bad things in life right now i want to improve all i can so my dream of becoming an animator ,and work with tray parker and matt stone, the creators of south park will come true. ^-^

velrose 9 years ago.

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heheh you're like me when i was 9 X3

CammieTehKat 9 years ago.