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Candybooru image #6151, tagged with Jodi_(Artist) Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy


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ya...i finishe dreaidnt every thing , so ya dont worry but... felt like drawing that...and this was before the depression part in the dark room came o.o ! promise i did :P every ninja fox could tell ya !

jodi852963 9 years ago.

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Good job! However here are a few things wrong Paulo has no fingers which I am fine with if that's your style. Also Paulo's hair tips and tail are brown not black his hands and ears have no brown on them. But i am not saying your a bad artist you are a lot better than me! I mean look at what I draw and what you draw. Large difference! You are a great artist and you update a lot which is good. I haven't drawn a thing in a month! So keep drawing for candybooru. So overall great job Jodi! Also tag yourself! 8-)

Link4565 9 years ago.

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oh ya...well that was before i even signed up for this :P sorry , but thanks , your a talented artist , so i shall listen to the nice tips :)

jodi852963 9 years ago.

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Glad I could help! ;)

Link4565 9 years ago.

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Hardly any white fur on Paulo's face to actually make it look like him. Looks like a completely different character to be honest.

Leo-Inu 9 years ago.

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Paulo's eyes are yellowish orange not green....
Still rlly good . Keep up the good work! ;)

Shannon 9 years ago.

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XD Lucy has the burden of the drama cloud. Oh no! D:

NinjaFox 9 years ago.

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xD yea i was a noob before i made this..and when i did also

jodi852963 9 years ago.