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Candybooru image #6351, tagged with Abbey Augustus Daisy David KattyCuteofCourse_(Artist) McCain Mike Paulo Sandy Sue Yashy genderbended


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This is what you get when you have...
1. a bad drawer on a mouse
2. a lot of free time
3. a old verson of paint
4. and a crazy idea
5. an impatient streak

I am getting a new program sooooon~ but this is what you get for now.

kattycuteofcourse 6 years ago.

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Is yashy genderbended? Because if she is she's already a girl. Just wondering. :O

Moshilun 6 years ago.

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Me gusta

Xu-kitty 6 years ago.

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Yea Yashy isn't gender-bended I just suck at drawing her. XD

kattycuteofcourse 6 years ago.