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One Piece...right? I've seen one episode of that myself, to be honest I don't know what people see in it, I never understood why he could stretch. But others like it, and David fits the personality as far as I can remember of what I saw.

Neospector 7 years ago.

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It's a loooooong story (hahaha).

Kuro 7 years ago.

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@Neospector: The world of One Piece is excatly that; another world, one that you wish you lived in. It's full of wonders(a country that floats among the sky, a train that runs along the sea's surface), but also has it's share of problems(slavery, gov't corruption, and recently, unethical human testing). There are characters you come to love and ones you will despise with all your might.
It's also the only series that's made me cry several times. I really wish you'd give it a chance; it truly is one of the best stories I've ever read/watched.

Kureji-Neko 7 years ago.

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His name is Luffy (that's David D), gonna be king of the pirates!

Remember that from the catchy theme song from the otherwise insulting 4Kids dub?

AdamMadManTheX 7 years ago.

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now that i see it... it pretty true 8-D

crazyprinc3ss 7 years ago.