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Candybooru image #6511, tagged with Amaya Augustus Ciffy_(Artist) Daisy David Jasmine Jessica Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel Sue Tess


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That's a bitter candy, Lucy

Ciffy 7 years ago.

Comment ID #51606

love the concept

brocon 7 years ago.

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She decides it's gone bad and is google to throw it away along with the Sandy candy (oooooh a rhyme!!)

PotterHead_jelly_bean 7 years ago.

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Very nice idea.
The picture, not Lucy's pick: I'm afraid that candy could choke her D:

Cavara 7 years ago.

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Could be the first pile is her close friends, but then I wonder why Sue isnt in there. With Augustus out of the bowl at least so she may have an interest of being friends since she MAY look to him for advice?

Leo-Inu 7 years ago.