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Candybooru image #6891, tagged with Abbey Augustus Carter David Mike Paulo Pirari_(Artist) human


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This the last one for today guh spoilers tomorrow SOMEBODY will be in a maid dress and if you can't guess

I especially like mikey !! I wanted to give him a mixed look from Russia (Hetalia) and Kazuaki (Hatoful Boyfriend). I wanted to humanize the boys from BCB and I like most of them, Paulo disappointed me though. Come on, MAAANNN
Carter...I have no words. He has scared me every time he came up on the comic.
I realy like David, too! Abbey looks fine, his design confused me though. I'll get you down on paper someday!

I really...still have no words about Augustus. As a matter of fact he was a mistake, I was so mad because I couldn't draw and then that happened. |D I kind of ship him with any, but nowwww I want him for myself (a girl can dream! Mad Lucy)
thanks for tolerating my art dumps
crawls away

Pirari 8 years ago.

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//Also I hope that it doesn't completely look like I only put in all my effort into one cat lol

Pirari 8 years ago.

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Loving Augustus' creepy stare!

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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he checkin' you out

Pirari 8 years ago.

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I love your art. I wanna make babies with it. ; A;

Yaschiri 8 years ago.

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I dare you

to draw a short haired character.

Anialator 8 years ago.

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What about Mike though? Shorter than his? o.o

Pirari 8 years ago.

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Yeah, Mike's is what i'd consider between medium and long for a bloke. I'd like to see what you could do with hair stopping above the ear? :)

Anialator 8 years ago.