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Candybooru image #6897, tagged with Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Pirari_(Artist) human


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this is why i dont put effort into my drawings it doesnt even look like augustus and lucy anymore sob

Pirari 6 years ago.

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anyway loli lucy ftw

Pirari 6 years ago.

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LUCY <333333

this is very delightful, love your augustus~

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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Also don't be discouraged regarding working on drawings. The fact is, even if you're not completely pleased, you did a finished work. And that's experience to continue improving on your finished work, since doing sketches forever won't really help too much! Sketches are definitely vital for improvement, but it's good to experiment further! I can definitely sympathise, being a quick sketcher before a full-on illustration finisher. I still rarely do that!

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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inhuman noises
thank you ;o; I just
It still really annoys me how I can't get out of the animu desu realm. I tried. D:

Yeah it's hard ;-; I know I'll probably get better after taking a break, school is starting again so it should be easier. I've pretty much broken candybooru with how many things that I upload anyway.

Pirari 6 years ago.

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I don't understand why people get sad about posting so much on Candybooru, I love fanart :( I want more *Hit*

But yeah, one suggestion for you is to mimic different styles and the most obvious - drawing real life. Do body studies, face studies, it will look terrible and scary at first, but keep at it and you will begin altering habits and kicking away the locked anime habits.

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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I meant other people. Especially since it's not really good quality. :unsure: I just post it because it seemed like a good idea at the time but then I see how bad it is and yeah

Actually I do look up to about two artists that harness realism really well but still keep the anime-ish fluidity. I'll try and study real anatomy since studying them still doesn't really help me, but that doesn't mean that I have to actually finish pictures of realism, right? ;_;

Pirari 6 years ago.

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Oh, of course. I do want to stress it's practice, and continual practice always improves! I mean basically 80% of my work in art school was life drawings that were 15 minutes each, but that's meant to help you improve, get quicker, and get more confident to finish things.

Also screw everyone else it's my party let the fanart pour 8-) *Hit*

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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Oh wow thanks. I was kind of stressing over how much I'd have to draw of realism, but if it's only that, then I bet that I can pass the time by just drawing my favorite singers. :D

I'm still putting it off until I see improvement in myself. >:U //haha just wait I'm going to lose it and draw some other picture again

Pirari 6 years ago.

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also sorry for making you comment so much, you helped me a lot so if i'm bothering you or anything you dont need to replpy ;_; youve already commented on most of my art

Pirari 6 years ago.

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ahh that emote looks to dramatacized
I meant ; - ;

Pirari 6 years ago.

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hahahahaha i don't care about commenting, it's fine!

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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Yeah, drawing realistically is really ****in' hard..
I feel you, Pirari

Box 6 years ago.

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Pirari, don't forget that practice makes perfect!! You're still pretty young (I'm guessing, correct me if I'm wrong!), and developing a certain skill takes years to perfect. Getting there will be hard, but it will definitely be worth it!! I used to draw pretty much 100% anime style, and now I've developed it enough to distinguish my own artistic niche! The stuff on candybooru that I posted might say otherwise, but believe me my style has changed a bunch! :P So keep at it :)

And I don't ship this couple (auggie/daisy is top ;___; ), but you make me want to! I love your augustus <3

flara 6 years ago.

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By the way, just wanted to ask, but do you have a deviantart? :P

flara 6 years ago.

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all the feels :P

Is fourteen young? idk
Thank you. I've been starting to doubt it but you brought my hopes up again, my friends have been pretty better recently but they use reference so yeah, I should probably too
whoa no way! : O so you're the one that drew that picture of augy and daisy under the umbrella omg its so amazing ive been staring at it forever :'D I really love your style, it did change!

Oh geez this entire comic makes me ship p much everything this comment is getting long
Don't worry, I'll probably ending drawing Augustus and Daisy a lot more. Other than these I bromance ship him with David, but I think that Lucy and Daisy are the top ones for me. It depends on how the comic turns out, both of those pairings have their perks.
yeah, but I don't post all my bcb art on there.
I know that I seem crazy and out of control on there, but Pirari is the most accurate to my actual personality. I'm just trying to fit in D:

Pirari 6 years ago.

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Fourteen is definitely young! I'm a year older than you XD
And that's great to hear! I'll be looking forward to your future arts!

flara 6 years ago.

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OMG :love: :love: :love:

X_Rin_Kagamine_X 6 years ago.

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They might not look so much like Lucy and Augustus, but I love their hair... :love:

Saphire 5 years ago.