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Candybooru image #7038, tagged with Daisy Taeshi_(Artist)


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Well, where else would I put this?

Someone with a little bit of time should explain what this means.

SuitCase 4 years ago.

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I know this is kind of unrelated, but I love the color scheme of the comments with the other parts of the picture.

Actually...poor Daisy. D': She's adorable though :C

Pirari 4 years ago.

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She's just fluffy!

Ved 4 years ago.

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If you look closely then you can see her gravitational field

culumus 4 years ago.

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Explanation powers, ACTIVATE!

You see, there was a picture available on the Kickstarter that depicted Daisy standing in a field of flowers all innocently and whatnot, and it was posted on the main site for all the world to see. However, people in the comments called her out on the fact that her belly looked to be pretty "out there". That, and her flat chest. So then the picture you see up there was released, and the author's comment simply read, "Now look what you've done."
Oh, and though it's pretty obvious, the quotes at the top of the picture are just some of the things people said about the original image, which can be found [url=]here.[/ur l]

Ziggy 4 years ago.

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And I went and derped on the url, but it's still there if you want to copy/paste it.

Ziggy 4 years ago.

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Very good.

SuitCase 4 years ago.

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Yeah I know.

I was one of them...........

PepeLePew 4 years ago.

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I was sad when I saw all the comments. :C Daisy is so friggen cuuuute.

Yaschiri 4 years ago.

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*Hugs Daisy*
There, there. Forget those mean people. I, and many others, think you're adorable.

Fayt 3 years ago.

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it's okay to be chubby baby girl :(

TrappedLikeCats 2 years ago.

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I was there. Loots of people were mean. ;_; daisy is still adorable. Just like when lucy tries to be mean Mad Lucy

bluefox 2 years ago.