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Candybooru image #7108, tagged with BrusselSprouts_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxLucy


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Paulo had a creepy expression for most of the time I spent working on this

All the same, I'm quite pleased with the end result. I feel like the fist bump was a nice touch

BrusselSprouts 6 years ago.

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And Paulo's meant to be flipping Mike off, but I have weird wrists and couldn't find a good reference so it just looks kinda awkward ._.

BrusselSprouts 6 years ago.

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The heart shaped tit really emphasizes the passion.

Purin 6 years ago.

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It would probably help if his left hand wasn't backwards.

Radial 6 years ago.

Comment ID #54902

That neck

LackLuster 6 years ago.

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Pffft it is isn't it. And I tried so hard to get to get that hand right...

Alright, so for criticism, I have so far:

-backwards left hand (and may I say awkward hands in general)
-an overdrawn neck, on Paulo's part
- a relatively unclear/poorly planned heart (if you look, there's a little line coming from the fist bump, but I do see how it doesn't look really great now)

I'll keep these problems in mind for the future

BrusselSprouts 6 years ago.

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All the thumbs in this picture are on the wrong side ;)
I found out that brussel sprouts can actually be perfectly edible, tasty even, it's just that to this point I only had my grandmas as reference, and she must have overcooked them into sulfuric sludge. Yuck. So yeah :smirk:

Geist 6 years ago.

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Dat heart nipple

InsaneAngel 6 years ago.

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Seriously? That isn't even where her nipple would be...
@Geist, Thanks, but I'm quite aware of that. Overthinking at two in the morning caused this mistake. And have you ever had Brussel Sprouts with bacon and cream? Thats how Belgians eat them 8-)

BrusselSprouts 6 years ago.