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Candybooru image #7351, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Daisy David Lucy Mike MikexLucy Paulo Ribbon_(Artist)


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This is supposed to be some group photo type thing by the tree. I know it's abnormally wide for a photo ):

Also idk if the tree has flowers or not but I wanted to draw some ):

It's painfully bright because I was trying to emphasize that it's a sunny day so I apoligize if it's an eyesore ;____;

Abbey is supposed to be awkwardly smiling at the camera while Daisy is smiling cutsey. Mike is trying to convince Lucy to smile for the picture but she won't, and Paulo and David are just being cool in the corner. I meant to include Tess and Sue but I totally forgot them ):

Ribbon 8 years ago.

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Love their eyes and the happy colors!
(though Daisy's breasts sort of look like a male torso xD)

Laufente 8 years ago.

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@Lafuente: haha, you're totally right ):
I will keep that in mind when drawing her next time. Thank you! (:

Ribbon 8 years ago.

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But it's sorta confusing the way Mike is holding Lucy close telling her he loves her and Lucy says she doesn't but doesn't kick him senseless. And whar is tha Sandy? She would look so cute in this style. Scratch that, she looks cute with any style. My request: a Sandy and Mike drawing! I love the way you draw, Ribbon~

PotterHead_jelly_bean 8 years ago.

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@PotterHead: Mike is only telling Lucy to smile and probably that she has a pretty one or something like that, and she is refusing, but since I support MikexLucy the love is mutual here. Hence their blushing. I guess it's a bit confusing because I put a heart in his little bubble and an X in Lucy's. And Sandy is out of the picture for this one ): Sorry for the confusion!
But, I will definately keep a MikexSandy request in mind. They're one of my favorites anyways, haha. And thank you!

Ribbon 8 years ago.

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Ohh you drew them all so adorable!
The bright colors were perfect for the mood!

Wildphyre-Pyro 8 years ago.

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I love this. Especially Lucy's expression. Dasiy's left (our right) arm looks very wonky. XD

Yaschiri 8 years ago.

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@Yaschiri: Daisy's arm totally does lmao
The way Abbey and Daisy are holding hands bothered me a lot but I was being a lazy bum ): The first time I drew them it looked alright, but Abbey's arm was oddly long because of it, so I settled for that. (like Paulo's arm is to me ;___;)
But anyways, thank you! I'll pay attention to that next time.

Ribbon 8 years ago.

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Oh god, for a second I thought Daisy had pecs.

Swift 8 years ago.

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OH GOD PAULO! HOW DID YOU BREAK YOUR ARM? It's all wonky and your hand is twisted it must hurt so bad!

Is he... is he passed out in the picture and just being help upright by David?

Migrant 8 years ago.

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Mike not wanting Lucy or being mad at her? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS! Nice picture :) Is it just me or would Lucy be somewhat happy to be with Mike? Or this is before Volume II?

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This must be the end of the comic lucyxmike, daisyxabby ,pauloxdavid.

bluefox 8 years ago.

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EPIC!!! :love:

Crazygal123 8 years ago.