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Candybooru image #7410, tagged with Galaxiicat_(Artist) Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy


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For people who are confused about what's going on, here's part of their commentary:

"Paulo and Luce were ridin' on Paulo's bike, and they almost got ran over by a car causing them to crash.

Which I find adorable

Taeshi 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56392

First the skateboard, then the bridge, and now the bike... you need to be a little more careful with Lucy. We don't want anything happening to her do we, Paulo?

Supertails19 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56393

Lucy must have ben on the front of the bike distracting paulo with the view wich caused him to drift into oncoming traffic.

bluefox 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56404

Supertails19, you forgot the shopping cart.

DLancer 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56424

@Dlancer: If you have never ridden down a hill on a shopping cart for fun then you don't know what you are missing :D . If there was a busy street waiting for them at the bottom, then I would have counted it as one of the "situations that would injure Lucy... or worse." Although, the shopping cart incident would definitely count for "Paulo's being reckless again."

Supertails19 6 years ago.