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Candybooru image #7417, tagged with Abbey Akacatgirl_(Artist) Amaya Augustus Daisy David Jasmine Jessica Justin Lucy McCain Mike MikexLucy Molly Paulo Rachel Sandy Sue Tess


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"Abbey I'm fat"
"no you da bes"

I love how far your art has come and the way you draw them is delicious <3

flara 7 years ago.

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"Yo daisy i want yo bebes"
Lol amazing

I love how you drew them all ha

Wildphyre-Pyro 7 years ago.

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Happy Jasmine is happy. Also, I can't believe Augustus said that with a straight face. Augustus: Yo Daisy I want your bebes(babies) :D

Supertails19 7 years ago.

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Amazing. I like the relationship chart-style. XD

Yaschiri 7 years ago.