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Candybooru image #7436, tagged with David McCain Paulo Softsful_(Artist) Sue Tess


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hahahahaahhahahahh he's got real bcb merchandise i love it

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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it was a typical friday afternoon, until she came in. I should have known that she was trouble, that soft fur and those legs that just won't quit, but I can never say no to a dame.

Sen 8 years ago.

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XD ok McCain isn't tall, but does he really need a step to climb on his chair??

Cavara 8 years ago.

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Roseville Noire

KiraDood5 8 years ago.

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"There's been a murder in the theater across the street. I think the owner knows something, but she ain't talkin'."

HyperBallistic 8 years ago.

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oh darn that sexy sue :/

Tom-the-Foxey 8 years ago.