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Candybooru image #7659, tagged with Cavara_(Artist) David Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Sue Taeshi_(Artist) Tim_Buckley_(Artist) meme parody


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This was probably more fun the day I made it, right after [url=""]page 17 of Breaking Up[/url].
Also, I'd like to apoligize to Tim Buckley: I have nothing against him at all and I enjoy his comic!

Cavara 6 years ago.

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This has helped me notice that Mike's scarf is literally orbiting his neck instead of being wrapped around it.
What the hell, this is quite the blunder.

culumus 6 years ago.

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But it's not? In the panel that was taken from, it's loosely hanging from his neck, with the weight on the back of his neck. It's a thick scarf.

SuitCase 6 years ago.

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Then why is it possible to see almost all of his neck + the "backside" of the scarf?
Something here doesn't add up, unless it's only resting on the edge of his shoulders.

culumus 6 years ago.

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The CAD body is a fraction of the size of the BCB body relative to his head you numbnut

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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As to the picture itself. This pleases me far more than it should.

Anialator 6 years ago.

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I've been thinking of the edit's context. I must say it's quite a coincidence if you'd replace the last frame with [url=]something[/url ] that was made three years ago, it would be almost like something that could have happened (except from Mike isn't wearing the yellow scarf anymore).

Viking 6 years ago.

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What!? And here I wanted to make a nice and tidy hyperlink. :( It seems BBCode doesn't work like I'd expect in this place. Silly me! I should have taken learning from Cavara.

Oh well, no big deal. Here's the supposed link: >>968

Viking 6 years ago.

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We need more of these!

NostalgicPostman 6 years ago.

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I laughed. u_u

Yaschiri 6 years ago.