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Candybooru image #7694, tagged with Jasmine PastaIsALie_(Artist) sketch


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Ehh not much to tell about this one. I just kinda fell in love with that one Vocaloid song Panda Hero and I couldn't stop thinking about Jasmine XD

PastaIsALie 6 years ago.

Comment ID #57771

Jazzie ain't taking **** from anyone anymore.
Lucy likes bats eh? Well now....
(That's fine pastalsALie, I can't either)

Ace 6 years ago.

Comment ID #57777

Doesn't she have a line of black going down to her nose?

Thatoneguy 6 years ago.

Comment ID #57784

I love badass!Jasmine pictures. She just doesn't give a ****.

Carmen 6 years ago.