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Candybooru image #7733, tagged with Abbey Carter Daisy David Jasmine Lucy Mii Mike Paulo Sandy Tess human


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I made these last year but since I couldn't find a way to get a screenshot off the 3DS, I never posted them. I saw someone else post their Mii's and I wanted to post mine so I just had to take a picture -.-

GoGoRainbow 5 years ago.

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Jasmine and Abbey's faces i can't deal

Taeshi 5 years ago.

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Lololol this one is perfect.
Lucys tsundere face!

shmidny 5 years ago.

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:D Thanks, I giggled/squeed over them for a long time when I first made them. Tried to capture the characters' quintessential emotion :P

GoGoRainbow 5 years ago.

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Posted a better view #7747 [url=""] [img] 020dfb2/7747%20-%203DS%20Abbey%20Carter%20Daisy%20David%20GoGorainbow_%28Artist% 29%20Jasmine%20Lucy%20Mii%20Mike%20Nintendo%20Paulo%20Sandy%20Tess%20human.jpg [img] [/url]

GoGoRainbow 5 years ago.