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This is crossover fan pic of Paulo meeting Kick-***, his friends would probably see Kick-*** as a masked creep, just as paulo already looks at Dave Lizewski as a freak already, I wanted to experiment with my stick figure art style on Kick-*** and his gang from the comic book trilogy that the creators of KA are finishing, I mean Dave Lizewski's regular life as a nobody is just as bittersweet in the comic book trilogy as the BCB characters are, but my only question is, how would Paulo's folks react when they meet a new yorker coming to their neighberhood?

BAR 5 years ago.

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If Adventure Time adds were like that...

Hawz 5 years ago.

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That is not how I would do an advertisement for Adventure Time. First, the whole bench would be yellow, then int he middle would be Jake's face, witht he name/showtime/channel in the right hand corner.

I think Paulo would be a fan, honestly. Guy goes form chump to champ in a way. he conquers some stuff in his life. I have not read the comics but the first film is p good.

DLancer 5 years ago.