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Candybooru image #8201, tagged with Lucy Mike MikexLucy glassesrock_(Artist) human


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I made this on a drawing app so it's kinda messy. Basically, it's Mike sitting under the original tree, thinking about Lucy, while she's sitting under a tree at wherever she is now, thinking about him.

Enjoy the Bittersweetness!

glassesrock 6 years ago.

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And I'm THIRTEEN, so don't comment about perspective or different problems with my art :/

glassesrock 6 years ago.

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Sorry about above message. I didn't mean to come across as rude, I'm just a really sensitive person because most people don't like my art. ;_;

glassesrock 6 years ago.

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Dont be so insecure. I like it. You should let people judge your art based on the art and not your age. Keep drawing ^^

Caoife 6 years ago.

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OMG! A game just came out on Steam that looks so similar!

Maith1 6 years ago.