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Candybooru image #9130, tagged with Jasmine Lisa_(Artist)


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Why has no one thought about this one? :O
WE only saw things that Jasmine has white off, when Paulo saw her whole head he coulda just been fantasizing it was all white.

Jazz needed a haircut, she looks cute with shorter hair :3

Daisy came over and told Jazz to wash up, when Jazz left Daisy smusged her own face off on Paulos sheets, and that's where we currently are on page 31

Lisa 6 years ago.

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Unique idea but on page 29 you see Lucy's bushy tail in the first few panels and then part of her face in another, with a pink nose.

1) Jasmine's tail is slim and black
2) Jasmine has black facial markings, which we would have seen in the second to last panel.
3) Jasmine STILL goes to Roseville, what would she be doing in a different uniform?

Sorry to be a buzzkill but it is definitely not Jasmine.

Poisoned-Robotics 6 years ago.

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thx for creating an acc just to shit on my Jazz pic. like it isn't obvious that it's Lucy.

YES I AM BUTTHURT. I always am after drawing bcb fanart, why do I even bother. ;_;

Lisa 6 years ago.

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Yeah because mccain and augustus made sense :v. We all know that the one was lucy. And the interpretation in this makes sense enough (aside for the point of the tail. Lucy's face was painted grey like it was in the shadows, so the fur on her face not showing makes sense).

Gnukko 6 years ago.

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Regardless Lisa, it's good art and like I said, a good 'theory', and as bad as it seems I had been meaning to create an account anyhow, this picture just prompted me to.

I am a mean person, great.

Poisoned-Robotics 6 years ago.

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Nice jasmine.

bluefox 6 years ago.

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Seriously, Lisa? You got mad because you came up with a theory and someone told you why it doesn't work? It doesn't mean that your art isn't good or that someone doesn't like it. I thought it was a good joke. I didn't realize you'd be so serious about it. 8\
Regardless, I like this.

Ravako 6 years ago.

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I personally agree with Lisa. I think it was Jasmine.

Meowth 6 years ago.

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I'm not mad about THAT Ravako. I'ts obvious it's Lucy, it was, like you said a joke. I'm 'mad' an acc was created just for this.

Lisa 6 years ago.

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It was obviously Jessica in that uniform

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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Surprise. It was actually Taeshi herself who made a guest appearance in the comic.

Purin 6 years ago.

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Y'all are tripping, it was for sure Sandy :D

Poisoned-Robotics 6 years ago.

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I don't think he (she?) Was "shitting" on your picture, just explaining why they didn't think the theory didn't make sense. As for being 'mad', (lol) or maybe just a little disgruntled, about the account being made to comment on here, big whoop man, if were not artists then that's what the accounts are used for! :) to to compliment or hopefully constructively criticize the work.
Yes i don't agree with your theory, but I like your jazz :) I like your use of shadows!

shmidny 6 years ago.