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Candybooru image #9309, tagged with Jordan Lucy Lucy's_father Lucy's_mother Sam Wong_(Artist)


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La raza de Lucy!!
I guess she's quite a daddy's girl

Wong 5 years ago.

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Oh my goodness I love your work! Seriously they’ve all been so clever and inventive and nice. I like the parodies and everything, and this drawing is just wonderful! I like the design you gave Lucy’s father and like.. this is just a great idea! They look so happy aaawawwwkgdrfjgf

Taeshi 5 years ago.

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The white comets inspiration to win.

bluefox 5 years ago.

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@Wong Tus pinturas/dibujos están súper!

... Pero, no manches, "La raza de Lucy"...

Chale mijo :P Jajaja ntc

(I guess you know the crap I'm bitching about)

Marko 5 years ago.

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OMG Taeshi sempai likes my work :love: thanks!

@Marko Pues... Pues son raza! 8-D Gracias por el cumplido, btw #^_^#

Wong 5 years ago.