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i can't believe i never uploaded this here
anyway, here are the parts of the songs that i focused on when drawing these:

1. The Neighbourhood - $ting
I tried to be someone
I lied to be someone else... for you
If I had done something a little bit differently
We would've moved in a better direction than this, baby

2. The Neighbourhood - West Coast
Too many pretty faces catching my attention
So I look at them, remind myself in the smudged glass
That pretty isn't everything, you punk ass.
Always hard to see past the surface, when it looks so perfect
But our eyes will disguise dirt on purpose, you listening?

3. ROAR - Just a Fan
Reach in my chest and do your best
To locate a heart in this pitiful mess
Lettering in bold on a blood-stained note
I'm just a lonely soul
Everybody knows when you suck it shows
And that's just how it goes

4. Los Campesinos! - Songs About Your Girlfriend
You do not like us
'cause your girlfriend likely does
And all your friends agree
On her soft-spot for me
I'll have my hard hands
Over her soft spots soon, you will see

5. ROAR - The Comfort of a Laugh Track
Is there something you should say
That I don't want to know?
Trying to remain composed
While asking me to go
When I scare the last away
All of the fault will be my own

Will I live in shame of the things in the past that I should have done for you?
Is it possible to forgive all the ignorant ones if they're just too young?

TrappedLikeCats 7 years ago.

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How could you have sketched that fast? Love your style, realistically-ish.

Juan_Pablo 7 years ago.