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Candybooru image #9689, tagged with Draw_Stream Lucy Mike Taeshi_(Artist) parody


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okay, okay, who requested this?
i need to add them to the list of "best people in the world"

JayGamer 3 years ago.

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I still need to play this game.

Carcharocles 3 years ago.

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This came out amazing! really good job on their outfits too. Thank you Tae ;w;

Kitmit 3 years ago.

Comment ID #65983

What game is this? >>

Otherwise, this looks fantastic. c:

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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This is pretty awesome, Tae did a fantastic job with the clothing. Though I'd like to point out that I don't know what this is from.

ChewySmokey 3 years ago.

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okok, just saying: I created an account, after years of not doing it, just to comment on this one. it's amazing, and the whole world should play TWEWY (The World Ends WIth You), which I think is the best videogame ever. surely the best portable-console-game ever.
some time you should put on some music from this game during the drawing marathons >_> it's great.

boh 3 years ago.

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p.s. now make Paulo as Beat and Daisy as Rhyme *_*

boh 3 years ago.

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Hmmm.... It should have been better for Paulo as Neku (The hair) but wow this is great :D love the game!

Otaku-Sama 3 years ago.

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yeah but paulo's character is more suited for beat, and he and daisy being sorta like brother and sister is perfect. also daisy is smart and rhyme was the smart one.

p.s. seriously, the clothes are drawn perfectly.
p.p.s. it would be useful if these comments could be editable like the ones under the comic pages.

boh 3 years ago.

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Is David Joshua?!?

Shade 3 years ago.