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Candybooru image #9782, tagged with Hair_Lucy Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Ribbon_(Artist) excellent kittens


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request for @DaniYellAtU !
They asked for PauloxLucy and their kitten :D I used the Paulo design from "Another Boyfriend" where Paulo has shorter face hair because that design is just too cute (although that story was probably taking place in young adulthood and not when he'd be a father so maybe his face hair is actually longer at this point WHOOPS)
anyways! hope you guys like the picture, i have one more request to do but I'm willing to do like.. 4 more tops if anyone is interested lol

enjoy the picture! ;v;

Ribbon 6 years ago.

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lucy looks soooo pretty!!! and the baby reminds me of a creamsicle :P

Jinx 6 years ago.

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@Ribbon You you you did it omg I love you, this is so insanely cute even when I see the thumbnail my heart goes racing. Made my day and I need to put this as my wallpaper :love:

DaniYellAtU 6 years ago.

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@Ribbon Sorry I was too excited to give a proper feedback lol. I love how Lucy's back hair is much longer then we usually see and it makes sense because she's getting older being a mother and all. Also, I love pretty much everything on this image, and I already made this my lock screen wallpaper!

DaniYellAtU 6 years ago.

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spaghettiyolo 6 years ago.

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love it so much :love:

EvilKitty3 6 years ago.

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@DaniYellAtU I'm so glad you like it!!

@everyone else: thanks so much guys ;v;

Ribbon 6 years ago.

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I just realized that these two are my OTP. ALL HAIL PAULOXLUCY!!! let their reign be eternal!

MrJellyfish 6 years ago.

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DaniYellAtU 6 years ago.

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And thus tails was born

abigblackdonut 5 years ago.

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Paulo looks like such a dad in that pic.

LachlanDS 4 years ago.