Bittersweet Candy Bowl

An Introduction

Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a sweet little comic about high school drama.

A lot of drama. Childhood friendships, school bullies, and the occasional love hexagon.

It’s a story about a lovably infuriating bunch of kids growing up.

It has cute characters!

It updates really regularly!

And some people are crazy for it!

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Meet the class!

The sweet-natured romantic who last saw his girlfriend in grade school…
The prickly loner in a bow who totally doesn’t like Mike or anything…
The mischievous slacker who’s less of a womanizing jerk than he lets on…
and Daisy
The cheerful bookworm desperate to be more than everybody’s “little sister”.
The art changes over time.

The art changes over time.

Chapter 92, page 1

Daisy gets excited about the new school year

Chapter 44, page 25

Paulo turns around a Truth or Dare

Chapter 64, page 4

Augustus and Lucy chat about Daisy

Get reading!

There’s a big archive, but it’s easy to catch up. Who knows, you might even spend the night binging on cat drama.

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