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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Boy Toy.”

Chapter 87 — Page 27 of 32. Page posted 4/27/15.

Boy Toy — Page 27

Veronica’s Commentary

is polo a gay


We have these blogs you know

April 10, 2015

Did you know Ask Roseville High is back?

Some previews from Ask Roseville High.

Yes! Our long-running askblog has had a visual makeover and is back updating with a fortnightly schedule. Were you all caught up on it? THERE’S MORE NOW. Did you never even really look at it? THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF POSTS DATING BACK TO 2011. It’s nuts! Get back on it!

And on a related note:

The header to our blog.

The Bittersweet Candy Bowl Blog continues to grow and grow! It’s filled to the brim with art, photos, reader questions and all sorts of interesting minutiae you might wanna read!

Today we posted our 932nd post. We encourage you all to binge-read, submit asks, follow or bookmark it, and keep contributing to the #bittersweet candy bowl tag on Tumblr! Want a sample of what you might have missed?

Samplings from the blog.

And who could forget

Samplings from the blog.

It’s fun! We spend all our time posting BCB stuff for you over there, and we want everyone to see it!

— Oliver

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