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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Total Recall.”

Chapter 85 — Page 2 of 37. Page posted 8/27/14.

Total Recall — Page 2

Oliver’s Commentary

Some terribly sad news today — longtime reader of the comic and occasional comment poster\IRC user who went by the name “Insanity Streak” died last Friday. We’ve been in contact with his brother and it’s a shocking, sad thing for us to hear. He was incredibly supportive to us, and went far out of his way to see us at literally every Australian convention we attended except one. He had many little influences on the comic, helping with proofreading our book drafts, sorting comments, and just generally being a super nice guy who was always looking for ways to support this comic. There’s not much a page comment on a webcomic can do to properly memorialise a person, but we wanted to give him a shout-out here in case he’d appreciate it. RIP. We'll miss you.


BCB @ Otakon, our new Tumblr blog & BCB app updates!

August 4, 2014

Otakon logo, Tumblr screenshot and BCB app icon


First, we’re going to be at Otakon in Baltimore this weekend! It’s our first time and we’re looking forward to a great con. We’ll have all our regular stuff and maybe some other stuff I can’t remember!! We still have to pack! But it will be great. Find us in the artists’ alley, northwest of the hentai.

Otakon artist alley map

Second, we’re launching a brand new Tumblr blog! We don’t know what to call it but you can find it at bittersweetcandybowl.tumblr.com. We will use it to casually post old art and photos and reblogs and all sorts of BCB-related stuff we’re been a little afraid to do on our more carefully cultivated regular accounts. It’s also going to be the new place to ask us questions — sayonara Formspring.

We’re kicking it off with a book giveaway, so please check it out and give us a follow! And sign up for Tumblr if you haven’t. We post so much of our stuff there.

Third (and last!), the ageing BCB app for iPhone is about to be replaced by the long overdue iOS 7-themed update, but we need beta testers. Basically, we want anyone who can spend about an hour messing around with the new app, looking for bugs and visual glitches and trying to make it crash. Your help would be very much appreciated! The only requirement is that you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that is running iOS 7! Please email Oliver with an email address that’s set up on your device and you can help us make it more stable before it’s released! EDIT: Thank you! We have enough testers now!

— Oliver

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