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“Boy Toy.”

Chapter 87 — Page 15 of 32. Page posted 3/30/15.

Boy Toy — Page 15

Veronica’s Commentary

She’s so cute


Anime Boston and “Another December”!

March 16, 2015

Paulo and Lucy about to cuddle.

Are you a fan of hypothetical Paulo and Lucy situations? Well do we have the (members-only) comic for you. The 11-page “Another December” comic is up in the Library for all BCI members to read! It’s all about what happened after Mike lashed out at Lucy if she went to Paulo’s house afterwards. (She didn’t. But in this story she does.)

As always, you can sign up to read this and hundreds of pages of other member-exclusive comics with a Bittersweet Club International membership.

Anime Boston

ALSO! Con season is here again, and we’re very excited at the prospect of heading up north for Anime Boston, April 3–5! We met so many of you in Boston last year and would love to see you again!

If you’ll permit me to shill for a little bit, I feel that short of Otakon, I can’t think of an anime con we’ve visited that felt as big and energetic as AB. It’s great value for money even if you skip our table in the artists alley “pro row”. But you shouldn’t. Cuz:

New posters, only censored.

10 NEW POSTERS WILL MAKE THEIR DEBUT. So you can check out lots of new illustrations! Some of them came out really nice.

And that’s it, for now! We’re both immersed in work and are getting tons of stuff prepared for the year ahead. Our next book (and all its bonuses!) are finally coming together. The site’s buffer has never been bigger. Winter can be productive. We hope yours has been, too!

Mike and Lucy banter.

P.S. The Augustus poster poll is over — and it was a tie! No kidding! We actually sold the same amount of either poster. They’re due to be printed today and will be sent out this week. So we used the draw to make our own decision - older Augustus stays, babby is on the way out. (For now! There’s still some spares for sale, at least until I find time to update the store’s poster section.)

— Oliver

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