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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Scenic Route.”

Chapter 84 — Page 11 of 24. Page posted 7/21/14.

Scenic Route — Page 11

Veronica’s Commentary

Hey it's July 21st in the US and that's Souppy's birthday!! Technically his day of birth was in Australia time, but WHATEVER!!! He is the best person and he edits my awkward dialogue and he's my darling love and he works very hard and I love him and you should wish him a happy birthday and draw things for him (He likes PauloxDaisy/MikexLucy ahemahemahemAHEM) and if you can't just give him kind words or something!!! He makes most of this possible, dealing with the site and editing dialogue and editing pages when I mess up and I wouldn't have gone this far without him!!! I know I draw but we are a lovely team and he is lovely and I love him. Happy birthday, Souppy!!!!


BCB at ConnectiCon 2014!

July 9, 2014

ConnectiCon 2014 logo

It’s that time again! Our second stretch of con appearances for the year starts with ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT! It’s one of our favourite cons to attend, and we’ll be in full force this year with all the new stuff including some amazing new signage and copious amounts of leftover BCB candy and posters to give away. Just ask!

Not only that, we’re participating in a couple panels (Webcomics Roundtable at 9:30am, and Webcomics: Marketing and Self-publishing at 5pm, both Saturday) so if you’d like to join the audience and give us some support, we’d love that! Pepper us with questions.

See you all this weekend! (And if you can’t come, do think about Otakon, Intervention and Anime Weekend Atlanta, OK?

— Veronica and Oliver

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