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Bittersweet Candy Bowl


Chapter 86 — Page 24 of 36. Page posted 1/23/15.

Trapped — Page 24


Announcing the BCB App, version 2.0!

November 14, 2014

Say hello to the newest version of our app for iPhone and iPod touch, the “Bittersweet Candy Bowl Comic Reader”! I’ve worked with our developer on it on-and-off all year and it’s finally ready for you to install.

Screenshots of the BCB app

The new app features an updated design to match the new iOS aesthetic, and fixes many bugs that were causing big problems. And some more crazy bugs came up on its release a few weeks ago, but now it’s OK! Go check your App Store updater!

You’ll find many of the same features:

  • The best possible reading experience on an iPhone with thumbnails, clever preloading and readthrough tracking
  • Exclusive wallpapers and full access to Candybooru
  • An exclusive bonus interactive comic that you must shake, blow and snap to read

And one fewer feature: we had to take out BCI comics at Apple’s request. But we’ve added an Ask Roseville High section, so you can stay up to date or read through the entire history of answers on our Tumblr askblog. Loads of idle reading for everyone!

Download Bittersweet Candy Bowl Comic Reader on the App Store

The app is free. It contains a single in-app purchase to unlock the older chapters and the full interactive comic.

If you haven’t looked before, please check it out! It’s an awesome way to rediscover the archive, and I remain pretty proud of the bonus comic :) Download it and review it in the App Store app!

— Oliver

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