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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Total Recall.”

Chapter 85 — Page 26 of 41. Page posted 10/22/14.

Total Recall — Page 26



October 17, 2014

Some sketches

After her 40+ hours of streaming a few dozen weekends back, Vero has been nagging me to find some kind of way to plan a marathon drawing stream again. So after having done a few smaller art streams for fun (and received a few giant bills) YES WE ARE DOING A BIG ONE, AGAIN.

At 1PM EST on Friday, October 24th, we’ll post a page update AS WELL AS start a livestream where Veronica will draw BCB requests while we play music and answer questions and whatever else seems like a good idea!

Please mark your calendars and come back on Friday. We’d love to have the same kind of amazing turnout we did last time! It’ll probably run till late.

We have a few ideas to get it going. It boils down to:

  • Sketches with every BCI subscription or renewal since our last news post about “Baby Blues” (For free! We’ll email you guys.)
  • Sketches with every BCI subscription or renewal made during the stream
  • Watercolour commissions (streamed via camera, then mailed to you) available for a bit more
  • And for those who don’t have the means but can stick around to watch, some random free sketch requests offered to random viewers!

More details on the day! But we hope it’ll be fun, and it could help us a whole lot if a number of people earmarked a little money and came up with some ideas. Remember, the previous Drawathon’s sketches are all up to look at on Candybooru!

We hope to see you then! And, uh, enjoy the next week of updates. (You’ll see.)

— Oliver

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