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    David, excellent, parody, Paulo, SuitCase_(Artist)

    David Paulo SuitCase_(Artist) excellent parody (1000x1080, 197.0KB)

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    David's words of wisdom...

    ThatOtherMichael 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #39985

    Very casual. <3

    Anialator 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #39986

    Sex is not the answer
    Its the question,
    and 'yes' is the answer.

    JakeStartledTheWtich 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #39987

    i lol'd at this image nice work! I like it haha

    Vicse 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #39999

    @Jack: Nickelback, I see.

    Mr_Klaus 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #40025

    Sex would also be the practice, but funny is as funny does. Humor's subjective. Always was.

    Hoheh 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #40153

    Since Suitcase is the one who made this, and uploaded it we all have to obey.

    Sonara 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #56873

    ... I know this is done for ***** and giggles, but I'm really not ok with rape jokes :I

    Though this looks like it could fit together with that GARBAGE DAY page ._.

    4thStar 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #61604

    I always new David was Hardcore inside

    HunterKiotori 7 months ago.

    Comment ID #63911

    I can't believe this got an 'excellent' tag

    Phaeton 2 weeks ago.

    birthday, Error, ErrorxMissingno, Nenekiri_(Artist)

    Error ErrorxMissingno Nenekiri_(Artist) birthday (886x761, 32.8KB)

    Comment ID #63908

    Have a great birthday Taeshi! Hope everything goes well!

    Nenekiri 2 weeks ago.

    birthday, Hair_Lucy, JayGamer_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo

    Hair_Lucy JayGamer_(Artist) Lucy Paulo birthday (1280x1024, 697.4KB)

    Comment ID #63907

    Happy Birthday Taeshi, I really hope you have an amazing day. Thanks for being so goddamn committed to making all of us, your fans, happy. Hopefully, this little picture can make you happy too. Best of wishes

    JayGamer 2 weeks ago.

    Abbey, Daisy, David, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, ScaryBear_(Artist), Taeshi

    Abbey Daisy David Lucy Mike Paulo ScaryBear_(Artist) Taeshi (960x1280, 149.0KB)

    Comment ID #63906

    Ahh, forgot to resize, sorry. Anyways, happy birthday Taeshi! I know we've never spoken or anything, but I do love your comic.
    I'm sorry you're having a rough time lately, but you should know that your outspokenness about your depression and anxiety issues has really helped me to start dealing with mine. I won't go into detail here, but really, thank you for being brave enough to share.
    I hope this at least makes you smile, and I'm sorry for the lazy drawing. Hopefully you get the message. :)

    ScaryBear 2 weeks ago.

    birthday, Jocelynn_(Artist), Lucy

    Jocelynn_(Artist) Lucy birthday (570x1006, 316.8KB)

    Comment ID #63902

    Happy Birthday Taeshi!!
    I've been reading BCB for 6 years so I should start trying to get more involed! Hahah X) I haven't drawn something for Candybooru in so long. I really hope you like it!!
    Thanks for working so hard! Souppy, too!
    Sorry if it's too big, I can't really tell... I uploaded it on my tablet

    Jocelynn 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63903

    Oh and my last account was Jocelynn1112 but I forgot my password -__-

    Jocelynn 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63904

    Involved* ugh

    Jocelynn 2 weeks ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, Lucy, MissH_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy MissH_(Artist) (500x500, 184.3KB)

    Comment ID #63900

    Awwwww. I like the creamy look.

    bluefox 2 weeks ago.

    Lucy, Mike, RCM90_(Artist)

    Lucy Mike RCM90_(Artist) (839x717, 71.0KB)

    Comment ID #63899

    I wanted to make something for @Taeshi 's birthday. Happy B-Day Taeshi, sorry for this crappy drawing, I should have done a way better job.

    RCM90 2 weeks ago.

    Augustus, DustWolf_(Artist), sketch, Taeshi

    Augustus DustWolf_(Artist) Taeshi sketch (550x850, 387.8KB)

    Comment ID #63898

    It took me a while but wanted to draw something for Taeshi's Birthday so here it is.

    He saved some sweets for you before Alejandro got them.

    DustWolf 2 weeks ago.

    GayNerd_(Artist), human, Lucy

    GayNerd_(Artist) Lucy human (2448x3264, 1.8MB)

    Comment ID #63879

    Awful quality because it was a doodle with pink pen that I took a picture of with my cell phone camera haha

    GayNerd 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63897

    now this is a headcanon Lucy I will accept.
    really nice!

    ArtisticMenace 2 weeks ago.

    Sandy, Stofu_(Artist)

    Sandy Stofu_(Artist) (497x966, 267.1KB)

    Comment ID #63873

    style blogger or somethin

    Stofu 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63874

    oh my god
    this looks so good

    Box 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63875

    this is amazing yes it is

    MimiChan 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63882

    aaaa stofu this is great omg *-*

    drooldummy 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #63896

    I seriously love this. I kinda want to see more on what the rest of the cast would look like. Great job!!

    ArtisticMenace 2 weeks ago.

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