107. Unwanted Gift, page posted 4/6/20

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Unwanted Gift — Page 6
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Veronica: Well, what’s your answer?!

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redesigned the abbeyjasmine kitten just for fun, i decided to name them jason because why not.. theres 4 different versions with NOT BIG COLOR DIFFERENCES but still i have a problem

Tumblr: auggiesennie April 6, 2020

Posted imageanybody feel like this panel is a REALLY good parallel to the page from lucy’s last birthday in “pillow talk”:Posted image

Tumblr: tracfone April 6, 2020

Couldn’t help noticing this pattern of behaviour…Posted image(High Expectations, page 2)Posted image(Unwanted Gift, page 6)
Mike really can’t stand the fact that Lucy won’t talk to him anymore… and even after so much time has passed between these pages, Mike has only pushed her - and their other friends - further away.  Unless he owns up to the fact that he actively burned these bridges himself, he’s not gonna have an easy time moving forward!

Tumblr: ryukodragon April 7, 2020

Tumblr image
its kinda funny how this dude only showed up in like one page and yet he has a few ship drawings with paulo just because he works at burgertron with him
ignore the tags im dumb

Tumblr: auggiesennie April 7, 2020

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