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This is Candybooru, a user-contributed Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan art gallery. You can search for tagged artists or characters (e.g. Taeshi and Paulo), comment on pictures, or upload your own. Sign up for a Candybooru account and get involved!


BCB_Art_Meme LachlanDS_(Artist) meow (269x2032, 189.1KB)
Daisy LachlanDS_(Artist) pixel_art (320x320, 7.9KB)
LachlanDS_(Artist) Paulo pixel_art (320x320, 7.1KB)
LachlanDS_(Artist) Mike pixel_art (320x320, 6.7KB)
LachlanDS_(Artist) Lucy pixel_art (320x320, 7.1KB)
Daisy David LachlanDS_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo comic dcd parody (1536x2048, 1.4MB)
Drearydreams_(Artist) Lucy (700x1000, 116.5KB)
Cactnya_(Artist) Lucy Mike MikexPauloxLucy Paulo parody polyamory (505x329, 17.0KB)
Cactnya_(Artist) Mike parody (512x512, 282.4KB)
Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Uncanny_Valley edit (986x1230, 213.3KB)
Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) book_sketch (576x1024, 676.7KB)
Cactnya_(Artist) Paulo (763x883, 404.8KB)
Cryily_(Artist) Hair_Lucy Lucy (768x1024, 120.0KB)
BluFlare_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo (434x390, 16.6KB)
Mike Paulo Rory_(Artist) (750x719, 226.8KB)
JayGamer_(Artist) Mike (800x800, 278.6KB)
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