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Candybooru image #10182, tagged with Box_(Artist) Lucy


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i was re reading confrontation

Box 6 years ago.

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sorry the "im ok" and "im not ok" words are a bit tacky

Box 6 years ago.

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whoa i love the idea of this! it looks so great in your style too. D:
I felt bad for lucy in confrontation

faune 6 years ago.

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Mannn this is so good as I said on twitter. It’s sad when people have to repress bad ****, I mean unless they’re happy with it, but it seeps into their actions in every day life and just throws them down the hill.

I love how you made her look in comparison to her younger self, little baby Lucy with older messed up Lucy. You can clearly see the torment in her eyes but older Lucy is just suppressing the balls out of it like “whatever dude"

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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@Box is Taeshi's drug now

DaniYellAtU 6 years ago.

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"Conceal, don't feel."

Shade 6 years ago.

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Sometimes I wonder if her dependancy got as bad as it did because of Confrontation. Before then, she may have been attached to Mike, but it wasn't nearly as toxic to both of them.

kamimatsu 4 years ago.