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Candybooru image #10200, tagged with Amaya Lucy Shamimzee_(Artist)


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I wanted to insert stacy and mike's sister but I finished drawing these two first. :unsure:

I love these two especially Amaya. She's so cute and never talks but maybe because her voice sounds like ‘The Rock’ and it will freak the whole bcb cast. 8-D

shamimzee 6 years ago.

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Oh my god this is so gorgeous! That drawing of Lucy and the 'bleeding butterfly' bow...!

MaronaPossessed 6 years ago.

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Your coloring skills are so amazing!!

Popcorn-Tart 6 years ago.

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Beautiful! I love Lucy’s pose, especially with the ribbon flowing into the ground and wrapping around Amaya :D Lucy’s like a butterfly

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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Oh my gosh, I'm sorry I haven't commented back :unsure:

@MaronaPossessed omffffg thank you! you are a kind soul.

@Popcorn-Tart eeee! Thank you so much, I try to be good.

@Taeshi EEEEEEEE!! Senpai noticed me<3 Thank you so much!

I'm overjoyed by your comments, bless you all, I feel weak *lies down* #^_^#

shamimzee 6 years ago.