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Candybooru image #10367, tagged with Abbey Daisy Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) comic edit iGamr_(Artist)


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After helping with some asset coloring recently, I couldn’t help but be tempted to try my hand at it again once I saw this week’s line-art only draft pages. I followed the palette of the existing colored flashback pages as best I could (the only new colors are one shade of green and the cream color used for the panel backgrounds), with minimal line-work tweaks (pages 2 and 3 got the most significant adjustments, see if you can spot them!). I don’t plan to do this as a regular thing, but it was fun to try, and I hope you guys like it.

iGamr 6 years ago.

Comment ID #68674

This is really fantastic, it looks like Tae coloured it. oAo

Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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At first glance, you can't really tell that it is still technically monochromatic. Good job, it reminds me of a flashback. In fact, I think I'm having a flashback of a flashback!

Shade 6 years ago.

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Really nostalgic of the single- color scheme, Just after "coming Home". The chapter after Abbey and Daisy get together. It's really nice and fun, and would work well if this was kept and incorporated. Nice job!

staveshot 6 years ago.