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"So when can we make out?"
"As soon as I'm done with this chapter."
"You said that five chapters ago-"
"I know you wanna see how it ends too, just shut up and read."

For @FluffyMoth. U: Next is SuexLucy, aayyee.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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I also hope nobody minds how much I'm posting recently-

I just got BCB fever something fierce.

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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I like these weird ships. They would never work together but I like them.

jeroenhd 3 years ago.

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@__noname__: That's the great thing about fiction. If you think about it hard enough, anything works. Thank you. ; w;

Yaschiri 3 years ago.

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LOVE IT! <3 :love:

FluffyMoth 3 years ago.

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@__noname__: you think so?
I honestly gotta say, I'm not so sure about that right now...
I mean of course, they probably wouldn't be that good for each other in the beginning (well ok, mostly Augustus for Sue due to some "social issues"), but if the feels fall in the right places for these two, they would really fight for someone, at least I see them that way.
They might be the "you got more in common with each other than you realize"

I think I just won a ticket to that ship. O.o

Jappo 3 years ago.

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@FluffyMoth: Yee~ You"re welcome. <3
@Jappo: Woop! All aboard the s.s. AugustusxSue. :D

Yaschiri 3 years ago.