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I wanted to try to do a page edit, so I finally did it and also made a Candybooru account. I hope you guys like it, I like seeing the page edits people make. I hope I tagged it correctly. :unsure:

I've loved reading BCB for quite a while, I don't know why I didn't make a Candybooru account sooner, especially because I have some fanart sitting around in my art folder too xD

Swiftily 2 weeks ago.

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Favoriting because you flipped Abbey's mouth in the last panel

gertok9 2 weeks ago.

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This is awesome, I love this!

__noname__ 2 weeks ago.

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abigblackdonut 2 weeks ago.

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Manuel8123 2 weeks ago.

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I laughed aloud, thank you for thus.

Yaschiri 1 week ago.

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This is genius!

Waldo 1 week ago.