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Candybooru image #11290, tagged with Amaya Daisy Jasmine Lucy Sandy Sue redo visiface_(Artist)


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literally 5 years later.

visiface 5 years ago.

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Sandy look gorgeous !

cabalmaster 5 years ago.

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Oh my God, they're all so adorable! You're really doing something great with showing emotions through the eyes and speaking about their eyes... they're gorgeous!

Their outfits are also super cute (I especially like Sue's design, ugh, she's just #^_^#), and your style is really neat!

Strawberryblossom 5 years ago.

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Daisy and Amaya with freckles, so cute!

Waldo 5 years ago.

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love love love sandy and lucys look!!

jiwinu 5 years ago.

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dat lucy tho

theoktony 5 years ago.