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Candybooru image #11635, tagged with JayGamer_(Artist) Mike MikexSandy Sandy


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Daaaamn they are cute together.
Very nice jaygamer!

jeroenhd 4 years ago.

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Aaaah! They look so fuzzy and adorable!

Waldo 4 years ago.

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Guess what! This is my 100th upload to the Booru! I drew this a little while ago to celebrate reaching 100 followers on Tumblr but never uploaded it anywhere because I wanted to make an announcement alongside the picture, but school was in the way of that. Now is probably the best opportunity to upload, though: to celebrate 100 fanarts of mostly Mike, Sandy or Mike and Sandy, and to celebrate 100 people liking my art a little bit, AND to make some announcements!

First: I'm gonna start doing commissions soon! I'm getting familiar with doing commissions on Tumblr at the moment, so within the next week I'll be opening them up. IF you like my art, then soon you'll be able to hit me up and buy my services! Second: I have a lot more time now to work on hobbies and such - this means that I mayyy have time to work on a project that I started a while ago and never really updated anyone on. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what that means.

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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Goddammit Waldo and noname you're just too quick

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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Haha, sorry.
The moment I checked, it was posted 40 seconds ago.
I wanted to comment right away, but decides to wait a minute or two.

You'll have to blame your awesome and adorable art for that!

Waldo 4 years ago.

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that got to be an excellent!
it´s awesome!

(even though I don´t like the ship)

Jappo 4 years ago.

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guys, just saying, but saying that something HAS to be excellented makes Tae 1000% more unwilling to do it, so as awesome a Jay's work is, maybe top doing that??? :/ it's not your choice!!

but, anyway, Jay, this is SUPER LOVELY as always and i love the colors you use and afgdgdf mike's SWEET BABY EXPRESSION I LOVE THESE TWO

Xionvee 4 years ago.

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Mmmmm I think you're corrupting to like MikeXSandy Jaygamer.

Random 4 years ago.