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Candybooru image #13150, tagged with Lucy irreverses_(Artist)


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one of my classes moved to a new room today and i got a window seat like the classic anime protag, and i wondered what lucy would be thinking at her new school...

also i wanted to experiment with some markers/color but it didn't go so great .-.

irreverses 1 year ago.

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Changes are always cool. I also moved to a new school. But I do not like it anymore. I have so many lessons that I want to go crazy. I've been looking for a full day where I can to buy essay online, because I do not have time to do it on my own. Therefore, the changes are great and bad at the same time.

LunaGriffin 1 year ago.

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I personally think this turned out gorgeous. The composotion is wonderful and I love the colour choices and especially the simplicity! ♡

Yaschiri 1 year ago.