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Candybooru image #13252, tagged with Genderbend Paulo ravenous_(Artist)


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something i made shuwah
still crying over old art i posted on here
oh well
heres another genderbend

Ravenous 3 days ago.

Comment ID #84312

Nice drawing.

SCD 3 days ago.

Comment ID #84323

Aghh this is a FANTASTIC genderbend!! Her hair is goals <3 Love the black lipstick touch~

TravelPastel 3 days ago.

Comment ID #84334

thank you both!!

Ravenous 18 hours ago.

Comment ID #84342

I mentally called her "Paula" and then I realized she looks like Paula from Home Movies.

So amazing work! I love this on many levels.

NevynRavenoak 12 hours ago.