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Candybooru image #13637, tagged with Daisy David Faune_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo Sue


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redraw of this ! ( 3D2673)

faune 1 year ago.

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They're all oh-so-cute!

LackLuster 1 year ago.

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Ahhh I love this crossover so much!! I always love to see what characters are consistent and which change from artist to artist (choro, kara, jyushi, and ichi are always those 4 though pfft)

Wavestripe 1 year ago.

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Cool drawing.

SCD 1 year ago.

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as someone who struggles with same-face-syndrome when drawing, seeing how you're able to naturally incorporate each character's personality into their appearances AND make them all distinct is really impressive!! and really appealing to look at! great job!!

irreverses 1 year ago.