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Candybooru image #14306, tagged with Carmen_(Artist) Sandy


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and i oop and i oop

I don't know if Sandy would actually be a VSCO girl but I thought it was cute!! So!!! Save the turtles.

CarmenB 1 year ago.

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Good art!

Huey_Long 1 year ago.

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missing your art!! thank you for posting sandy’s next evolution

SuitCase 1 year ago.

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Carmen this is so pretty!

PickYerPoison 1 year ago.

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mike: i really miss you my friends all hate me and i’m having a horrible day i’d really love to just get one text from you :(
sandy: skskskssskkskskssk

officerfurry 1 year ago.

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Awful place to post this, but I got banned on the Discord. No warning, no nothing. Can someone help?

Huey_Long 1 year ago.