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Candybooru image #14515, tagged with Abbey BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Jasmine JohnnyBUZZ_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxDaisy Sue


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i return after 9 years with a doodley art meme. i still love bcb and keep up with every update <3

johnnyBUZZ 5 months ago.

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You think Paulo needs therapy?

SuitCase 5 months ago.

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Probably everyone involved in the Confrontation arc needs therapy. I also think that for Paulo specifically, his first sexual encounters being with Jessica and Rachel using him in their fight with Tess (which he knows) can't have done his self-image any favors.

johnnyBUZZ 5 months ago.

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paulo so needs therapy

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT MEME JOHNNY AAAAAAAA ;____; how i met your mother panel is lmaooooo

Taeshi 5 months ago.