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Candybooru image #14535, tagged with Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo human wr3h_(Artist)


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Hello!! Been years but I finally want to go back and drawing BCB. Not to be too sappy, but this comic really got me through secondary school. It was the reason why I started to draw and now I've been making my own webcomic since 2016! Being able to draw BCB I feel like I've come full circle. (Also i suck drawing cats so don't expect that to be common LOL)

wr3h 3 weeks ago.

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OMG I love your human renditions!!!!!! Especially Paulo and Daisy, they look so gooooood ;___; The progression from their cat version and their human versions are so natural!!! Like the hairstyle choice for Mike matches so well!

can’t get over how good paulo looks lnskdxfhdhg

Taeshi 3 weeks ago.

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OMG thank you Taeshi!! That really means a lot from you!

Thank you again :D

wr3h 3 weeks ago.