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Candybooru image #17, tagged with Abbey Marshmallow_(Artist) Mike


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Looks like something out of Softpaw Magazine.

Anonymous #1 on August 1, 2010.

Comment ID #224

soft.. paw..?

Taeshi on August 4, 2010.

Comment ID #979

This looks awesome.

SkylineFaux on August 21, 2010.

Comment ID #989

"Tits... As far as the eye could see..."

Radial on August 21, 2010.

Comment ID #1906

it looks like a movie

luis on August 31, 2010.

Comment ID #1915

@ Taeshi: It's a cub porn magazine and this dose match the art style of one of there artists.

RickAstley on September 1, 2010.

Comment ID #5788

"Dicks, Dicks everywhere."

Anonymous #2 on October 2, 2010.

Comment ID #6260

Bittersweet Candy Bowl: The Movie!

Gunner on October 7, 2010.

Comment ID #8650

Fuck Softpaw, BitterSweetCandyBowl is amazing on it's own :D
@ Gunner, that's what my first impression was when i saw the thumbnail for this image

Anonymous #3 on October 21, 2010.

Comment ID #10698

This is great fanart.

TheLightorTheDark on November 6, 2010.

Comment ID #11414

O.O kitty is impressed...

QuestionableKitty on November 15, 2010.

Comment ID #11497

Haha, oh wow, has it really been that long since I drew this? xD I really ought to make a new piece some time.

B95 on November 16, 2010.

Comment ID #18229

This is awesome

Anonymous #4 on January 23, 2011.

Comment ID #20309

This reminds me of that cellphone video of the rabbit singing about how much he loves his carrot. In other words, adorable.

Anonymous #5 on February 15, 2011.

Comment ID #83093

This is really good!

1434939 on December 27, 2017.